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I found this interesting link about casein paints. Ammonium carbonate is a solid and well defined chemical. I am going to give it a try
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> Alberto,
> When you say "last a week" do you mean it was no longer usable or just stunk? Did it no longer respond to dichromate hardening and UV light? 
> It calls to mind how they used to let gum sour so it was quicker acting, back in the late 1800s.
> My ammonium caseinate was ready to use essentially within a couple hours. There is no smell whatsoever, except for a slight milk odor. Very user friendly. Sodium less so. 24 hours later my sodium caseinate is like a very concentrated rubbery gelatin solution that I would have to liquify before use. I have absolutely no idea why the big difference between the two forms of casein. Maybe you can clarify? 
> I am not interested in a process using ammonia fumes, really just looking for one that is whip 'n' go. The quicker and easier the better it is for students (and me), hence a little bottle of liquid casein or a jar of powdered casein would be just so...convenient.
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> On Apr 12, 2011, at 8:33 AM, Alberto Novo wrote:
> > Chris, 
> >> ... I was able to get samples of sodium and ammonium which I mixed with no added alkali. I wanted to compare apples to apples in the mixing. Ammonium does get thinner after a few days and I am waiting to see if sodium does, too.
> > 
> > The alkalies break the bonds among carboxylic and amino group of the casein, which is a protein. The stronger the alkaly, the faster should be this effect.
> > When I prepared my mix from casein and ammonia, I found that it would last about a week in a tightly sealed jar in my refrigerator. However, as I have already told, such a mix can be ready for use in less about half an hour. 
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