[alt-photo] Re: Casein source

Alberto Novo alt.list at albertonovo.it
Wed Apr 13 10:01:53 GMT 2011


> When you say "last a week" do you mean it was no longer usable or just stunk? Did it no longer respond to dichromate hardening and UV light? 

It was more fluid than the first two or three days before its preparation, 
and it was printing slower.
My casein solution has an excess of ammonia, so it was stinking the same. 

> My ammonium caseinate was ready to use essentially within a couple hours. There is no smell whatsoever, except for a slight milk odor. Very user friendly. Sodium less so. 24 hours later my sodium caseinate is like a very concentrated rubbery gelatin solution that I would have to liquify before use. I have absolutely no idea why the big difference between the two forms of casein. Maybe you can clarify?

Sorry, I have not any idea about the different behaviour of ammonium vs. 
sodium caseinate. 

> I am not interested in a process using ammonia fumes, really just looking for one that is whip 'n' go. The quicker and easier the better it is for students (and me), hence a little bottle of liquid casein or a jar of powdered casein would be just so...convenient.

In this perspective, go on with your ammonium caseinate. 


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