[alt-photo] Re: Cliche Verre exhibit in San Francisco

Suzanne Izzo bi3 at georgetown.edu
Fri Apr 15 19:38:54 GMT 2011

I wrote a couple weeks ago about a cliche verre exhibit in San Francisco 
that included some of my work.  My daughter and I attended the opening. 
  The exhibit is in a very nice gallery right on Sutter Street in 
downtown San Francisco.

I was very happy to meet Jack Fulton (a long-time member of the list) 
who came with a number of his students.  Three other participating 
artists were there: Courtney Johnson (the curator), Fred Parker (from 
nearby Sonoma), and Frank Rossi (all the way from Germany).  I would 
have liked to have met Francis Schanberger's friend, Fredrik Marsh, as 
the descriptive titles he gave his work were quite intriguing.

Several of you asked about seeing some of the work.  I don't have a web 
page, but the gallery site now has pictures of the exhibition as well as 
pictures of all the individual works.  In the installation pictures, my 
pictures are the six small ones hung together on one wall.
The address for the exhibition pictures is:

(Sorry--I hoped this would copy as clickable, but apparently not.)

While in the Bay Area, I managed to visit 4 art museums.  The only 
photography shows were at the SFMOMA: "Helios: Eadweard Muybridge in a 
Time of Change" which included a small room with photographs by some of 
his contemporaries and "Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera 
Since 1870".

Suzanne Izzo

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