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So, maybe this will answer some questions for everyone. The 
entire patent, typed out. This is, of course, not the first 
patent on casein printing, but there are a lot of deductions 
that can be drawn from this patent so have fun.

United States Patent Office 2,716,061 Patented Aug. 23, 1955

     Christina and all, US patents are available via the web 
from two sources, one is the United States Patent and 
Trademark Office at http://www.uspto.gov  the other, and 
better source in some ways is Google Patents. On the Google 
web site click on "more" and then "even more" and you will 
see the link to the patent site. The advantage of Google is 
that it allows full text searches of _all US patents ever 
issued_ where the USPTO site allows searching only for 
patents issued from 1976. Also, the Google site will allow 
you to download a PDF rather than the FAX TIFF files from 
     The Google site uses some sort of print recognition 
scheme to search so it sometimes comes up with very strange 
things, also one must be skillful in searching because it 
often skips patents if the search criteria are not quite 
right. Nonetheless it is a very powerful engine for those 
interested in patents and technological history.
    Another caviet; patents are _legal_ documents, not 
technical or scientific papers. Often they obscure as much 
as they reveal plus the "patentese" they are written in can 
be frustrating and occasionally laughable. Also, the fact 
that something is patented doesn't mean it works. Lots of 
patents have been issued that should not have been.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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