[alt-photo] Re: casein patent FYI, loooong post

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Sun Apr 17 09:10:16 GMT 2011

Hi Earl,

I think what makes carbon work is the swelling properties of gelatin.
I don't think hardened casein swells as much as gelatin... (I would
say it - almost - doesn't at all!) And believe me, gum/casein can be
considered as complex as carbon when it comes to the number and effect
of variables. (Not disregarding that carbon is a lot more slow and
painstaking in the preparations / operations - at least to me...)


2011/4/17 Earl and Patty Johnson <earlj at comcast.net>:
> I have been reading the casien printing posts with interest, even though I am not a casein nor a gum printer. My experience with dichromated
> colloids is entirely within the carbon transfer process, and that only with monochrome. The problems posed in the John Lupo patent lead me to
> wonder if it might be possible to do casein printing as a transfer process a la carbon. But then the first thought that comes to mind, is why would
> you want to? If you already know how to do carbon, is there any benefit in trying it with casein?
> I suspect that gummists might not be willing to subject themselves to the chinese water torture that the multiple variables of carbon present . . .
> Earl Johnson

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