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Prokudin-Gorskii used something called "digichromatography" which involved
using three plates, one each for RGB. Early TechniColor!

Autochrome, on the other hand, used dyed potato-starch grains to generate
the color images...

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I don't miss many exhibits (especially of photography) in DC, and I 
don't remember one on anthotypes.  They would be difficult to have on 
exhibit since presumably one would want to keep them covered most of the 

I also can't see calling anthotypes "the first color photograph".  All 
the ones I have ever seen are monochromatic albeit not black and white. 
  Usually "color photograph" means containing all the colors in the 
scene.  We don't call cyanotypes a color photograph even though they are 

Are you sure the exhibit wasn't of autochromes which could be called 
"the first color photograph" although there were a few experiments prior 
to the Lumiere brothers producing a commercial product.  I saw an 
exhibit of autochromes probably around 10 years ago, but it was at Univ 
of Md - Baltimore.  The Library of Congress has the glass plate 
autochromes by Prokudin-Gorskii of Russian scenes from 1910-1915.

Sorry I can't help you with a catalogue or book either.  I've only seen 
one or two examples given in more general books.

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