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For tst strips I use glossy injet paper. It is a fooolproof support and mates very quickly. Best description is that it sucks the image from the tissue.
I just got a chance to watch the videos. This is some serious science and art at work. ANd the amount of detail that he pays attention to is unbelevable. DOes anybody know if this is old stuff, or have the come back to the market. 

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> On 8/4/2011 9:58 AM, Paul Viapiano wrote:
> > Interesting that he doesn't let them bond a long time after mating. 
> > The transfer seems to happen in a few minutes and is very easy to pull 
> > off the tissue support. I always thought that they had to mate for at 
> > least 15 min, at least that's what I did following Vaughn and Jim's 
> > recommendations...
> >
> > Paul
> Paul,
> The material used for the support makes a difference. When I mate to 
> fixed-out photo papers or sized art papers I let them bond 20 to 40 
> minutes. When I bond to Yupo, I only need about 10 minutes. In the 
> videos he is using some sort of plastic support. I suspect that this 
> permits the brief bonding time.
> Dan Williams
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