[alt-photo] Re: Gum over platinum article?

Keith Gerling keith.gerling at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 14:23:10 GMT 2011

All this pearl-clutching over intellectual property is really rather
pointless since Stuart received a one time fee for this article (and a
rather small one), and View Camera has already given the OK to distribute.

Denny, the magazine will be in the mail this afternoon.  If you are a
newcomer to alt-process, I would advise you to hunt down Judy Seigel's "Post
Factory Journal" or Christina Z. Anderson's "Alternative Processes
Condensed" for what I would consider an easier and more success-prone
approach.  I seem to recall that Stuart Melvin lived in Santa Fe, so perhaps
his concern with humidity and temperature is as a result of that, but his
technique is entirely too fussy for me!  However, the resulting work
displayed here is really quite lovely to view.


On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 8:27 AM, Don Bryant <donsbryant at gmail.com> wrote:

> >
> Don, thanks for your reply here...always better to err on the side of
> copy"right".
> >
> Paul is indirectly referencing the recent copyright debate and law suit of
> Jay Maisel vs. Andy Baio, and the dubious concept of copy "left" being
> posited by some. So I'm not so sure that openly copying and distributing an
> article in the name of fair use even for non profit is legal.
> But my main concern was not to infringe upon Stuart's intellectual
> property.
> As for inter-library loan of an article published in a niche specialty
> magazine being available, that surely is a possibility though many library
> systems are charging for ILL services or curtailing them altogether because
> of reduced budgets. This is the case in my own local public library system
> (charging a fee for each request.) And not everything is available for
> loan,
> so good luck with that.
> We could spend forever discussing copyright issues. Let's not, nothing
> productive will come of it, instead make your own decision and act
> accordingly. I would rather see a vigorous discussion about gum printing
> and
> gum-overs sans the drama of a meaning less debate about copy "right" vs
> copy
> "left".
> Don
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