[alt-photo] Re: Gum over platinum article?

Don Bryant donsbryant at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 13:27:51 GMT 2011

Don, thanks for your reply here...always better to err on the side of 

Paul is indirectly referencing the recent copyright debate and law suit of
Jay Maisel vs. Andy Baio, and the dubious concept of copy "left" being
posited by some. So I'm not so sure that openly copying and distributing an
article in the name of fair use even for non profit is legal.

But my main concern was not to infringe upon Stuart's intellectual property.
As for inter-library loan of an article published in a niche specialty
magazine being available, that surely is a possibility though many library
systems are charging for ILL services or curtailing them altogether because
of reduced budgets. This is the case in my own local public library system
(charging a fee for each request.) And not everything is available for loan,
so good luck with that.

We could spend forever discussing copyright issues. Let's not, nothing
productive will come of it, instead make your own decision and act
accordingly. I would rather see a vigorous discussion about gum printing and
gum-overs sans the drama of a meaning less debate about copy "right" vs copy



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