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There are many kinds of fumed silica. The two major types are hydrophilic
(likes water) and hydrophobic (doesn't like water.) Obviously people fishing
for flies use the latter. We use the former.

Like the frog says, "Time's fun when you're having flies."

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Wow, what week!  High water year for the Sierra Nevada, streams have  
been dangerous for swimmers.  While photographing a stream I had a  
young mother and her two young children get carried over a waterfall  
into the area I was photographing.  They disappeared underwater for a  
very long time, thought I would have to climb to that pool and dive  
into to rescue them but they surfaced and were carried to the edge  
where the water poured out to the 100 foot falls.  The mother was able  
to hang on until I climbed over to them and pulled them out one by  
one.  They surely would have perished had I not been there.

Fumed silica is used by my friend who fly fishes, by applying a small  
amount to his fingers and then rubbing the dry flies with it, says it  
helps the dry flies to float on the surface of the water.


On Aug 21, 2011, at 12:58 PM, Richard Sullivan wrote:

> Oh, I wasn't aware that people fished for flies, only thought it was  
> for
> fish.
> Ok, enough bad jokes.
> I'll have to go and look up what fly fisherman use and why.
> Ok, I looked and am still mystified. Seems there is some used as a  
> floatant,
> whatever that is. Also some is mixed with silica gel and put in the  
> waders
> to absorb water.
> You tell me. This is interesting.

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