[alt-photo] Re: Fumed silica and palladium printing

Diana Bloomfield dhbloomfield at bellsouth.net
Tue Aug 30 20:49:32 GMT 2011

Hey David,

Oops-- I sent that off before I finished.  What I meant to add was  
that, even happening at such a young age for me,  I remember that  
event so well, and not a day goes by, honestly, that I don't think of  
that man-- who seemed so old to me then, but I'm guessing he was  
actually only about 30 at the time.  So, yes, I can imagine she was so  
so grateful.  How scary.  I promised myself I'd learn how to swim and  
maybe turn into a really strong swimmer, so I did eventually-- but  
still not sure I could save someone from a rip current, or even pull  
people out of danger like that-- like you did-- one by one.  You must  
(should) feel really good about that.  She was fortunate you were  
there at the right place, right time.


On Aug 30, 2011, at 4:19 PM, David Ashcraft wrote:

> Glad he was there for you!
> She gave me a hugh hug while weeping with relief she said "you saved  
> my children... you saved me... you saved us from drowning".
> On Aug 30, 2011, at 11:05 AM, Diana Bloomfield wrote:
>> Wow, David. That's quite an afternoon. I know that mom must be   
>> eternally grateful to you. I'm impressed they all managed to stay  
>> together. I remember when I was really young-- maybe 4 or 5-- my  
>> mom and I were on a raft in the ocean-- a fairly shallow part-- and  
>> somehow we got carried way out. Before we knew it, we'd lost the  
>> raft, and we were just caught up in this rip current. The lifeguard  
>> never saw us, but some man just sitting on the beach did. He must  
>> have been a strong swimmer, because he managed to first get me, and  
>> then g
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>> On Aug 30, 2011, at 1:49 PM, David Ashcraft <davidashcraft at sti.net>  
>> wrote:
>>> Wow, what week!  High water year for the Sierra Nevada, streams  
>>> have been dangerous for swimmers.  While photographing a stream I  
>>> had a young mother and her two young children get carried over a  
>>> waterfall into the area I was photographing.  They disappeared  
>>> underwater for a very long time, thought I would have to climb to  
>>> that pool and dive into to rescue them but they surfaced and were  
>>> carried to the edge where the water poured out to the 100 foot  
>>> falls.  The mother was able to hang on until I climbed over to  
>>> them and pulled them out one by one.  They surely would have  
>>> perished had I not been there.
>>> Fumed silica is used by my friend who fly fishes, by applying a  
>>> small amount to his fingers and then rubbing the dry flies with  
>>> it, says it helps the dry flies to float on the surface of the  
>>> water.
>>> David
>>> On Aug 21, 2011, at 12:58 PM, Richard Sullivan wrote:
>>>> Oh, I wasn't aware that people fished for flies, only thought it  
>>>> was for
>>>> fish.
>>>> Ok, enough bad jokes.
>>>> I'll have to go and look up what fly fisherman use and why.
>>>> Ok, I looked and am still mystified. Seems there is some used as  
>>>> a floatant,
>>>> whatever that is. Also some is mixed with silica gel and put in  
>>>> the waders
>>>> to absorb water.
>>>> You tell me. This is interesting.
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