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Don Bryant donsbryant at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 23:54:38 GMT 2011


BTW I know Don Bryant sizes just fine with glyoxal as I have used some of
his sized sheets so I don't blame glyoxal per se, just the way I work with

As Chris mentioned I've sized with Glyoxal, though not in several years as I
prefer Glut or sizing with Gamblin PVA 1:1.

Since I've not experienced your problem I didn't reply immediately. I think
Chris has offered some good suggestions though.

When I did size with Glyoxal I used the procedure described in Christopher
James first book on alternative photography. I had no problems with
yellowing but the paper surface was very stiff and somewhat rough. At that
time Chris and I participated in a very long experiment where we taped
glyoxal hardened paper up on the windows in our home to see if extended
exposure to UV would cause yellowing., but I'm not sure that really proved
anything. Chris finally started experimenting with Glut at Clemson and she
persuaded me to move on from Glyoxal.

If you have a lot of paper already sized then you might do as Chris suggests

If you have but a few sheets then I might be tempted to set the paper aside.

When I size with gelatin I size parent sized sheets and use a 3% gelatin
solution, about 37 ml of hot gelatin are brushed on to about 600 square
inches of paper, brushing side to side and then top to bottom. 37 ml of
gelatin will be more than enough and the excess is brushed off the edges of
the paper and wicked up with paper towels. I do a lot of these sheets in a
session and hang to dry in my garage. Working this way is lot of grunt work
but when I'm finished sizing paper is over for a while.

As Chris also suggests, try some Gamblin (or other PVA diluted 1:1 or 1:2 -
experiment to see which is the least you can get away with.).

Keep at it you and you will resolve your problems.

Don Bryant

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