[alt-photo] Re: Alternatives to Ferric ammonium citrate forCyanotypes?

C.Breukel at lumc.nl C.Breukel at lumc.nl
Thu Feb 3 09:14:15 GMT 2011

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> forCyanotypes?
> This is an alternative (single solution) variant of Cyanotype.
> - It's slightly more complex (and takes a little longer) to mix it
> (you may omit the small amnt. of dichromate from the formula; just mix
> enough volume that you will use up within 3-4 months if you choose to
> do so)
> - It's a little picky with papers; not every paper (few - depending on
> the number of your options) work well with New Cyanotype
> - BUT, "IME":
>     - gives stronger blues (darker shadows),
>     - is considerably faster (~ 2/3 - 1 stop, YMMV - that may be
> important in some circumstances, especially when you know cyanotype is
> the slowest alt. process...),

Well I am not sure about that Loris, when I print pure platinum with
Pyro negatives I lately ran into 60-90 minutes exposure on my UV bank
(these negatives are too dense for Cyanotype).

Cyanotypes with the proper negatives ran into 5-20 minutes exposure on
the same unit.



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