[alt-photo] SCANNER FLUID

BOB KISS bobkiss at caribsurf.com
Tue Feb 8 17:15:17 GMT 2011


            I have just received a grant of a nice new Epson V750 Pro
Scanner.  I have around 100 8X10 negs to scan.  I recall quite a few posts
about scanning fluids on this list as many of you/us scan negs to make
enlarged negatives for alt printing.  I also seem to recall that the most
popular fluid was rumored to perhaps have some bad effect on film and that
there was a newer one that was safer.  I would love to hear experiences with
these.  Sooooooooooo, I am asking:


1) Which scanner fluid do you use?

2) What is/are the best supplier(s) from which to purchase scanner fluid?

3) With what do you clean the scanner fluid off the negs?  


            I know I can ask the Epson Scanner List but I feel y'all may
know more about these specific uses than they might.





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