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Julian Smart juliansmart at virginmedia.com
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This is the problem with the gelatine- it is literally hardening too fast 
for me to apply over 4 sheets. The first two sheets seem to go fine, the 3rd 
sheet shows some signs of not absorbing the geltine well (prints made on 
this sheet work well, though the unevenness is effectively extra sizing  in 
localised areas of the paper). The emulsion still adheres to it well and 
usually by the final coat there is no sign of any unevenness. The fourth 
sheet will coat much the same as the third but towards the point at which I 
think it is finished, the brush starts pulling tiny bits of hardened 
gelatine off the paper. The gelatine is kept in the pan of hot water  in 
between coatings and does not appear to thicken over the 20 or so minutes it 
takes me to size four 1/2 imperial sheets.

I have not had problems printing on  paper sized/hardened this way with any 
pigment (or mix of pigments- I know W+N Indigo is a cocktail) other than The 
Indigo mentioned. I am about to try a coat of Indanthrene Blue, PB60 at the 
usual shadow coat dilution as a control- watch this space  ;~)


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> P.S. On second thought, it sounds like what you're saying is not that  the 
> gelatin is cooling and gelling, but that it's hardening before it  gets 
> brushed on, which is a different issue.   In which case, maybe 1  drop 
> formalin instead of two?  But I'd check first and make sure it's  not that 
> it's cooling down and setting up; that's the easier problem  to solve.

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