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Thanks to all who replied!  Useful info.  I think I may have a bottle of a
mix of Naphtha/Mineral spirits which I use to dilute my microcrystalline wax
for waxing silver gelatin prints.  It may get me started!
As I will be scanning my own 8X10 negs made in the last 10 years, I don't
think there should be a problem.  

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Trichloroethylene used to be the chemical of choice for wetgate printing 
because it's refractive index closely matched that of the base; it was 
not however friendly to the film base.  In recent years, because of 
human health ramifications it was replaced by Perchlorate.  Perchlorate, 
popular with dry cleaners has now been banned in many communities (and 
for good reason).  Before I'd use any of the constituent chemicals 
outlined in the msds for KAMI I would research their effects on, I 
assume, polyester film bases.  If you're working with older film the 
interaction with cellulose acetate might be are what you are concerned 


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>> Looks like KAMI fluid is made up of Naptha, Mineral Spirits, 
>> n-Hexane.  MSDS is available from Freestyle: 
>> --greg
>     Sounds like it would be great for cleaning old typewriters and 
> shutters:-)
>     Something of the sort has been used for "wet gate" printing of 
> motion pictures for many years but I don't remember what it's called.
> -- 
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