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Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
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Hi Julian,

Ok, it's a misunderstanding then; indeed, to me, there isn't any problem
with the workflow you've described... Could be something misterious about
the pigment(s); maybe you can change the order of the layers as someone else
has suggested, or drop that pigment and work with another one.

Good luck,

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This process has worked perfectly for me ever since I started gum printing
and I have never found a more satisfactory method of sizing so don't want to
change anything. The formaldehyde in the gelatine should in theory work just
as well as a secondary formaldehyde soak. Of course, another variable could
be the actual paper. I'm using Artistico 300gsm HP and have occasionally
found with older sheets or batches some slight internal mottling. At this
point I can't rule it out but I have a fresh batch that looks perfect to me.

My original post was about not getting a coat of W+N Indigo to stick and
most people suggested it was a sizing issue. I'll stick my neck out and
suggest it's not as I coated two prints last night with a different pigment
(Indanthrone PB60) and got two perfect coats on the same prints that
wouldn't accept the Indigo, all other variables being constant.
Still puzzled!!

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