[alt-photo] pitfalls of alt

Christina Anderson zphoto at montana.net
Sat Feb 12 17:25:24 GMT 2011

Dear All,

I am compiling a list of frequent problems that occur with alt for a presentation. For instance, paper specificity is one that is the bane of my existence as of late. Seriously, now. When papers change, do you think the paper manufacturers would tell us??!!

I thought I would ask the list if anyone had their pet peeve to share so I can add it to my growing list in case i don't have it already? 

When I finish I will post.

Here are some suggestions:

printing on the wrong side of OHP

banding in the digineg

venetian blinds in the digineg

forgetting to invert the neg (yes, it does occur!)

I'm not necessarily being process-specific, though, e.g. gum might have staining or sloughing off of the layer or speckling as pitfalls. But heck, that'd be OK, too.

Anyway, interested to see your all's pet peeves, trials, tribulations...

One of these years I hope to compile a FAQ, too...such things as "When is a hair dryer a good thing?" etc. 

One of the great things about teaching is that if there is a mistake to be made, it is done, and I can document. This past week I had one I had never seen before, trying to read a blur/average square that should have given one consistent number kept jumping all over the place. Found out the eyedropper tool was NOT set to point sample but to 101x101. Of course, it took me 45 minutes to figure that one out and it was another faculty member that suggested that might be the cause. Gees.

OH LOL another I'll share. One student kept having horribly contrasty pt/pd prints. Come to find out, he was using straight NA2 20% as his pt part of the equation (not pd!), instead of using it as a contrast agent in addition to the metal. That was one of those that was so inconceivable to me I didn't guess it. He finally figured it out.


Christina Z. Anderson

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