[alt-photo] Re: pitfalls of alt

Brian Pawlowski beepee at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 19:18:10 GMT 2011

Some fine art papers have a front and back side. They act differently it
seems to me. The texture can be wildly different from a rod coating
perspective. COT 320 I can tell by touch (it almost is automatic - kinda
funny when I noticed flipping paper automatically). But I couldn't tell it
by touch when I started out. Crane's papers (I have some piles) are a lot
more subtle - but there is still a front and back.

It gets highly amusing when you cut large sheets down to size:-) if you used
the watermark or the edge of the paper to see how it lay in mould you lose
those visuals on smaller sheets.

I tend to mark a 'B' in pencil very lightly before I start to wildly cut
paper on the segments to save headaches later on.

I'm curious what we're all going to do if incandescent bulbs go away:-)
(California is passing laws on energy saving requirements for bulbs that are
tilted in favor of fluorescents - it's surprising to go to the lighting
aisle at Home Depot these days.Incandescents going the way of film.) Putting
the compact fluorescents in place instead of tungsten bulbs in a dim room is
probably something people might do by accident...

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