[alt-photo] Re: pitfalls of alt

Loris Medici mail at loris.medici.name
Sun Feb 13 21:59:40 GMT 2011

Hi Brian,

We still have the low wattage / economic (I think they reduce energy
consumption by 30-40%...) halogen lamps (those which fit into a normal
fixture) around here in Turkey. Don't you have those there? If not, I
guess people will have to resort to LEDs or (so called - I mean
here...) 10-15W "refrigerator lamps" (bug lights?) for the coating
station and dry the coated papers in dark... BTW, in my experience,
even 10-12W compact fluorescent lamps can fog the paper considerably,
given they had enough time for it. (I had noticed fogging with trad.
cyanotype after just 20-30 minutes...)


2011/2/13 Brian Pawlowski <beepee at gmail.com>:
> ...
> I'm curious what we're all going to do if incandescent bulbs go away:-)
> (California is passing laws on energy saving requirements for bulbs that are
> tilted in favor of fluorescents - it's surprising to go to the lighting
> aisle at Home Depot these days.Incandescents going the way of film.) Putting
> the compact fluorescents in place instead of tungsten bulbs in a dim room is
> probably something people might do by accident...

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