Jack Fulton jefulton1 at comcast.net
Sun Feb 13 20:26:31 GMT 2011

I'll admit to not following the earlier post as to why one needs a  
nicer name for an ink-jet print.
My printer is an Epson 9900 and sometimes I use what others mentioned:  
Epson Ultrachrome Prnt
The term Gicleé is an affectation and taken from the French gicle  
which means 'squirt' and is slang,
in France, for the male ejaculation (if that is what you meant a nicer  
name for inkjet). Fancy companies
and I mean places that want to convince you at a higher cost that they  
present a higher quality item are
basically using an Epson piezo printer on a specific paper with a high  
quality ICC profile. This is what
any of us using an Epson (or other quality printer) with our own  
specific profile and paper are doing.

I like to designate the ink-set for in the future, to know it was an  
Epson Ultrachrome print that is dated
places an idea of longevity, or archival quality right there on print  
verso for the buyer/consumer. I'm
having a stamp made up to stamp all prints with that information.

What Dan and other use, Archival Pigment Inkjet Print is good. For  
fun: Piezo Pigment Print (PPP).
I'll stick to my use of proprietary name though. Many color printers  
of chromogenic (another name)
materials prefer to say Fuji Crystal Archive print for that has been  
assigned longer life then Kodak's
material by Wilhelm Research . . that put the capper on my saying it  
was an Epson ink used in its

Best to all
Jack Fulton

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