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Congrats on the show.

Pronouncing it Loo-ville works in most situations.

I'm skipping SPE this time around to prepare for a much needed trip to NYC
later in the month. I think (I know) I've already got my summer mapped out
(a first) this early in the year. I will be doing a three month residency at
Emmanuel College in Boston making amongst other things...anthotypes.


On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 7:38 AM, Christina Anderson <zphoto at montana.net>wrote:

> Dear All,
> Down here in Lexington Kentucky...gave two gum workshops back to back
> (gasp) and there was a show opening of alt process work at the Tuska Gallery
> at the University of Kentucky-- for those in the area you must come! (Show
> name is Transfixed) Very honored to have my work and Sam Wang's work hang in
> the same show (by my memory, a first)! Some wonderful palladium prints in
> there by two women, Lorie Nix and Regina deLouise. Some wonderful cyanotypes
> in book and quilt form. And some ambrotypes. Ruth Adams, professor at UK, is
> the curator and she did a great job.
> Sam's gold-toned argyrotype was quite beautiful, the darkest, richest
> sortof reddish-chocolate color I have seen ever in an argyrotype. It was
> truly the color of 99% cocoa content bittersweet chocolate. Lovely print,
> Sam (although I want your Kudzu leaves one...the cyanoplati). Any chance
> you'd share how you did it?? What paper is it on?
> I ordered both masa and coventry rag vellum as per list recommendations and
> can't wait to try it with argyrotype. I have a student testing Crane's Cover
> for me while I am here in KY both with argyrotype and palladium so will see
> if that paper works as well as Weston (it is a bit sturdier). Will also try
> the citric acid or oxalic acid soak to papers and see if I can get Rives BFK
> and Artistico to perform.
> At the workshop we worked on Rives BFK and gum in both workshops and I am
> reminded of how wonderful Artistico is. BFK is a very soft, velvety paper
> for sure, but it is prone to speckle-staining and where Fabriano shrinks
> with successive gum layers, Rives will stretch at times and shrink at times,
> a worse problem than shrinkage.
> We used 1:1 PVA sizing which seemed to be a good dilution for Rives,
> whereas I use 1:2 for Fabriano.
> Rene McKellar did a beautiful print in graphite gray pigment during the
> workshop. Loved the look, shiny subtle gray.
> Heading out to Louisville to do a day of archive research and then home.
> Hope I can pronounce the name correctly and not embarrass myself (LOO-ah-vul
> not Loo-EEE-ville) but I think I'm truly hopeless with that one so may not
> even try....
> Chris
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