[alt-photo] Re: VDB problem

John Brewer john at johnbrewerphotography.com
Fri Jan 21 18:42:04 GMT 2011

Hi Francis,

Thanks for your comments. No, I didn't let the solution ripen, I'll try
again tomorrow or Sunday. The print situation is odd, I'm using Fabriano
Artistico Extra White HP 300gsm. This has worked in the past with VDB and
other alt processes so I don't think it's a soaking in the paper problem,
unless it is a precipitate that got through the filter sitting on the
surface. Do you process in tap water or distilled water?


On 21 January 2011 17:06, francis schanberger <frangst at gmail.com> wrote:

> John,
> Did you let the solution ripen (sit for 24 -48 hours) after mixing?
> Regarding the precipitate, I have noticed that if a lot forms during mixing
> that most of it will go into solution after about a week.
> I never have had to microwave. I usually mix the VDB in a 500mL bottle and
> carefully transfer the solution, using a transfer (plastic) pipette, into
> 30mL dropper bottles after it has ripened.
> Regarding the print symptoms, I have never encountered what you have
> described. It sounds like the emulsion isn't sinking into the paper.
> -francis
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