[alt-photo] Re: New gum pigment

Judy Seigel jseigel at panix.com
Tue Jan 25 02:26:55 GMT 2011

A propos of trying to make your own graphite pigment for gum... art supply 
stores sell graphite sticks (or used to, admittedly I haven't bought one
lately)... Those are sticks of graphite similar to pencils in size and 
shape, but instead of wood around them just paper or nothing. They come 
(or came) in different hardnesses, like pencils, from soft for being arty, 
to hard for precision (or being uptight).

They used to be ordinary art supplies so probably available still. Rubbing 
them on sand paper (wearing a breathing mask advisable) and mixing with 
gunk of your choice (or not) should make whatever "paint" you have in 


On Sun, 23 Jan 2011, Marek Matusz wrote:
> All,
> I just started doing gum with graphite pigment. I bought a tube from Danied Smith, it is called graphite grey. This is the pigment that is used to make pencils for those that are not very familiar. It is kind of silvery grey but it can be quite dark. It is really a beautiful alternative to lamp black. I am on a second gum layer and just realised that I have not preshrunk the paper. It is impossible to register the second layer. Oh well I will finish just to have an idea for the two pass tonality.
> Has anybody tried it?
> Marek
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