[alt-photo] UV Light source

Jack Fulton jefulton1 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 28 16:25:11 GMT 2011

> A lot of the images I shoot or IR images. But I've recently been  
> looking
> into recording UV and came across these products. I was wondering if
> anyone has experience, or knows how in/effective a hand-held UV source
> might be:

I've not used one of these particular sources however there are also  
black light
portable light sources that may cost less but I'm not knowledgeable of  
the wave
lengths they emit. I tried one once t find scorpions in the NV desert  
area where
I'd take my classes on landscape photography. The scorpions 'glow'  
when hit be
black light and are attracted to it.
Kodak once manufactured a UV version of Tri-X but I'm pretty sure they  
don't anymore.

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