[alt-photo] FS: pH meter, probe, calibration solution & indicator test strip

Ryuji Suzuki rs at silvergrain.org
Fri Jan 28 18:44:02 GMT 2011

pH meter Hanna HI-9125, waterproof, portable, redox/mV, w/EXTRAS

This is a very very lightly used Hanna Instruments HI-9125
portable pH/mV (redox potential, etc.) meter with charger base
unit. This meter is great for people who make pH measurements
at multiple sites within a lab, as well as those who go to
field for environmental monitoring, since it is waterproof
(easy to clean) and also operates with a built-in battery
pack. The base module has induction-based charger, so the
battery gets charged while the meter is sitting on the base.


One thing is that I probably substituted the pH electrode to
something that is more robust against photographic solutions
than the one that comes with the meter. Either way, it works.

See this for image and spec summary:


I'll throw in one liter bottle each of pH calibration solution
(pH=7 and 10), both made by Hanna Instruments, purchsed

I'll also throw in this item:

This is pHydrion INSTA-CHEK Jumbo 0-13, Cat HJ613, wide range
pH indicating paper strip in roll, and only a small bit is
used. (Mostly unused.) It's a wide range indicator, with very
coarse readability, so it's only good for rough checking or
science education demos.

I'll ship all these for anywhere in contiguous USA by FedEx
Ground and for the price of $300.

Please email me directly if interested. I'd be happy to talk
on phone if you are seriously interested but have some



Ryuji Suzuki
"Don't play what's there, play what's not there." (Miles Davis)

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