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We cannot be too far away from the time when anything not entirely digital is 

 Cheers, Nick 

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Just dropped off 12 sheets today. 4x5 of flat art work coping. BWC in Dallas
charges 2.75 a sheet. My conversation with the front counter help suggest
that film processing is down about 85 to 95% so, there will be fewer and
fewer labs doing it.

I also got back my roll of Kodachrome 16MM movie film. It was old and
outdated and show substantial developing issues. Could certainly have been
caused by age but I have my doubts.  Now it's just a B&W camera. I was
hoping for a few useable frames to scan. 

I had a friend recently close his lab in the NYC area. It had been in
business for many years. Too much overhead and not enough throughput. Cost
of being a big lab but not quite big enough. 

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Was wondering if color film is considered an alternative photo process  
yet?hehe  I have some 4x5 sheets and the lab I used to use is no  
longer around.  Plus I'm having a difficult time finding one that will  
for less than an arm or a leg.

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