[alt-photo] Re: Caffenol?

Robert Young rwyoung at ieee.org
Tue Jul 5 15:58:21 GMT 2011

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> > Keith,
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> > I regularly have people come up to me after I take pictures with my 
> > trusty FE2 that try to get behind me to see the picture on the "screen"
> > 
> Ha!  Just went through that experience yesterday (Independence Day celebration in the park).  Pentax MX with power winder instead of FE2.  Also had my Graflex Pacemaker with me and that stumped a LOT of people.  Especially the concept of sheet film and having Grafmatic backs.  :)
> To keep things on topic, I've played a bit with Caffenol and found it to work reasonably well but lost something like 1-1/2 stops speed (varied by film type) and the stain seemed to be an overall cast, not proportional like you get with pyro.  Only a little bit of inspection with a densitometer, nothing exhaustive and none of it terribly scientific.  Just piddling about a few years ago because it sounded interesting.
> Rob 

I should clarify, the 1-1/2 stop loss was the coffee-only formula, no Vitamin-C added.

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