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Hey Gord,

I used Gutenprint (at that time Gimpprint) with a series of Epson printers, up 
to a 2200, attached to a Linux box.  When I moved up to a 3800, Gutenprint had 
no driver for it, so I hooked it up to a Mac and used the Epson driver.  I 
didn't switch to Gutenprint when it added support for the 3800, to avoid 
disrupting my workflow-- plus, I was having no problem with the Epson driver. 
 But I'd be very interested in using a Gutenprint driver with my new 3880, if 
that's what it takes to make a decent digital negative.

I've used the Gimp all along, first on the Linux box and now on Macs, so I'd 
probably use the 'Print with Gutenprint' option to print straight from the Gimp, 
unless profile issues make that problematic (?).



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Subject: [alt-photo] gutenprint drivers for digital negatives

Hi all:

With the recent discussions of the issue with the epson 3880 printer and its 
suitability for producing digital negatives I started looking at possible 

The Gutenprint drivers appear to offer features not available with the 
traditional manufacturer or OS based drivers.  Gutenprint offers the ability to 
change the ink density.  I think this is essential for producing digital 

I contacted a Gutenprint developer who is willing to develop additional features 
to cater to producing digital negatives if a consensus of what is needed can be 
established.  Is anyone interested in this?

Does anyone have experience using the Gutenprint drivers?  My ancient 
second-hand epson 1200 has finally failed and I'm not in a position to get a new 
printer soon so I can't explore this on my own.

The Gutenprint drivers are print drivers available to Mac and Unix/linux 

For windows users there is a Gutenprint plugin available 
(http://registry.gimp.org/node/14567) for the Gimp image editor 

and a photoshop plugin:
and instructions:

Anyone interested in trying these?


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