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Completely agree, Eric, I think the more pertinent questions regarding
digital negative creation is the level of QC in the creation of the inks and
how/if often they change the ink formulations as these could affect your
digital negative curve. With Epson I'm pretty darn sure of a high level of
QC and stability in the formulation of the inks -- they have advertised too
much as the professional's choice and on the archival nature of their inks
to monkey with established things too much, it's a false economy versus
their possible liability. This is one reason I saved up and found a
relatively unused Epson 7800 for sale by a wealthy prosumer a number of
years ago. I get the benefit of not having to deal with purchasing a new
printer as often (the wide format line is there hardiest) and the
accompanying adjustments in the curve -- though the wide format series seem
to be strict enough across the line to need very little adjustment of QTR
curves between individual printers -- plus I can buy 220mL of ink for $99
new or expired cartridges on eBay for ~$50/220mL. I prefer the "expired"
actual ink cartridges to new non-Epson inks because I have tested inks up to
3 years expired with no visual change in my digital negatives or the
resulting prints. From a source of absolutely no authority - I remember
randomly reading somewhere they are required to have the expiration dates on
them. And as long as the digital negative prints the final alt print the
same way I don't care about what the inks are or where they came from -- I
just want them to be cheap and stable for my uses. I doubt the stability for
our uses from the Chinese ink -- I imagine there are many replacements which
are stable enough, but I am not willing to be the beta tester here.

I know in Barbados, Bob, it's much more difficult to buy a cartridge here
and their as they come up on eBay expired.


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> Trying to matching to Epson inks ability to block UV for anything other
> than
> permanence, I don't think would be covered. We all have our own UV sources
> plus glass conditions. Any change in ink requires a new test to see how it
> will affect the negs.
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