[alt-photo] Re: digital negatives on a Canon Printer

Mark Edwards mark_d_edwards at sky.com
Wed Mar 2 22:58:56 GMT 2011

If you are using Macs check out http://www.trueblackandwhite.com/index.html
as this gives ink density and colour control, it seems to rival QTR but is
exclusive to canon large format printers. There is a trial version on the
site. I got the info from Miles on the PDN yahoo group. He has used it for
palladium printing. Hope this helps.

Mark Edwards - South Wales, UK.

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Dear List
we asked for an Epson Printer but we got an Canon EF5100
one of my students want to make digital negatives with it
we only get an Dmax of 1.55 on Agfa CopyJet
is there sombody who can help us
Best regards

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