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Never done a casein print in my life, but somebody mentioned that it can be loaded to a higher pigment content then gum. Does anybody have any experience with printing very thin layers of highly pigmented casein. WOuld they look different then gum print? I am looking for something that would look more like a watercolur wash. SOmehow gum 'dulls' the pigment luminosity that is present in a watercolur as applied straight from the tube, or diluted with water only.
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> Hi Keith—
> Thanks for the info! Yes, I could just add dichromate without water, but I have tried to keep my gum and casein work as identical as possible. Thankfully at this point I've been able to calibrate the water content of the 5% dichromate to my satisfaction. 
> Christina, I think casein didn't catch on, in part, for reasons relating to the relatively primitive technologies of the times. Making casein from powdered milk, while historically accurate, is by far not the best way to make casein for printing in my view.
> Peter 

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