[alt-photo] Re: Katharine Thayer

Jacques Kevers jacqueskv at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 09:28:06 GMT 2011

I'm still quite new to this list and rather lurking.. I didn't know
Katharine Thayer, nor her website, as I haven't gone into gum printing yet.
But when I hear words such as  "a great contribution towards educating those
who wish to practice gum bichromate, and asking for nothing in
return", I know exactly what you mean. I have met about ten years ago
exactly such person, and don't dare to imagine how I could feel if he came
to disappear before me.... Their disappearing is always felt as occuring
much too early, even when they are well over their 90th year...
May she rest in peace, and continue to live in our memories for ever. My
sympathy also to all of those on this list who did know her to some extent.

It is thanks to such persons, to their enthusiasm, their commitment, that
our alt processes are still going strong and getting new afficionados every
Now that she left us, it's our turn to follow her example, and to do our
best to keep on carrying the flame -- as many of you still do on this list.
As far as I'm concerned, I humbly contributes by creating with my friend
René an "alt" group in Belgium last September, where people meet physically
about every 2 months. (If you're on Fbook, you can see some pics at
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Picto-Benelux/207423575940750? ).

Long live the alt processes!

Jacques Kevers

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