[alt-photo] Re: Katherine Thayer

Michael Koch-Schulte mkochsch at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 11 15:13:27 GMT 2011

The world was a more interesting place with the likes of her in it, that 
much is certain. I had similar experiences to you Marek, the word 
"indefatigable" came to mind. At times she could also be "infuriating". 
More than once I can remember walking away from my keyboard screaming in 
a pitched lark. She made some excellent art and from the zeal in her 
dialogues she obviously loved doing so. Maybe I'll go back and read some 
old posts this weekend...

On 3/11/2011 8:41 AM, Marek Matusz wrote:
> I have had many spirited discussions with her on the forum and off line. I will miss her encyclopedic knowledge of pigments. Just a while back she was correcting me on my graphite/carbons nomenclature. It is hard to get over the fact that she is gone.
> May she rest in peace.
> Marek  		 	   		
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