[alt-photo] Epson 4900 Printer for digital Negs

Rene M Hales rene at qx.net
Mon Mar 21 16:38:12 GMT 2011

I am pretty close to ordering the Epson 4900 to replace my dying Epson 4000.
Has anyone had experience using this printer for digital negatives for
tri-color gum or palladium prints? I am on a Win 7 64 bit computer and use
Lightroom 2.0 and Photoshop 4.0. I use QTR for printing the palladium negs
(took a workshop with Kerik K).

Lately I have been printing on my husband's Epson 3800 and have been pleased
with the negs for gum prints. I am still pretty much an alt-process novice,
but am slowly learning. I love the gum. Thank you Christina.

I also will be using this printer for archival digital prints. My usual
paper of choice is Hahnemuhle William Turner (17 X 22). I am pretty
confident that I will not have issues there. I also print on some RedRiver 6
X 38 inch paper for accordion books. I occasionally print on aluminum and
was able to do that on the 4000.

Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom and your experiences.

Rene Hales

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