[alt-photo] Re: Is this mailing list still active?

Kurt Nagy kakarott76 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 25 20:14:46 GMT 2011

Thanks for the reply, good to know its still active! 
At the moment I'm working with negatives I've used in printing and other projects, which print just fine but again may be on the dense side.
I haven't taken any shots that specifically will be used in gum, when I do I think I may purposesly underexpose a stop or 2, finding a happy medium between too dense or thin.
I'll see if I can upload some of the few of the test prints I made to flickr and post a link.  At the moment the highlights are clearing but losing detail in the shadows, jsut seems like they are overexposed.  Where as in a normal print, the shadows are dark but still detail in it. <shrug>
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> Hello, my name is Kurt Nagy
> This post is just an introduction and to see if there are still people out
> there.
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> Greetings Kurt and Welcome to the "List"!
> The List has been Listless for quite a while now with a few bursts of
> posting now and then. Many of the List gum printers lurk in the shadows and
> don't post frequently. Perhaps your questions and comments about gum
> printing will invigorate discussions about gum printing.
> First, if possible try not printing with dense negatives. Long exposure
> times can cause problems with gum. I assume you are experiencing anemic
> looking prints. Using a saturated solution of potassium bichromate will work
> fine though ammonium bichromate is more light sensitive.
> Tri-color gum with film separations eh? Your are an ambitious man! Of course
> you will need to use a panchromatic film. Steve Anchell the former editor of
> Photovision magazine, wrote an article published sometime in the mid 80s or
> 90s describing his method of printing tri-color gum using TMAX 100 film.
> Perhaps one of our list members can tell what the publication date was and
> what magazine the article was printed in.
> Good luck,
> Don Bryant
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