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I seem to remember that KwikPrint came presensitized and kept for a long time. Dichromates seem to trigger gradual hardening and that's why we mix it with colloids just before use (and toss if left over). Or is that a myth? Has anyone kept sensitized solutions for later use? If so, for how long?

Sam Wang

On Mar 25, 2011, at 10:56 PM, Christina Anderson wrote:

>>>> A somewhat related question: does anyone know the chemical make-up of
>>>> KwikPrint? It was popular in the 70's to the 80's. First made for proofing
>>>> print jobs and them sold by Light Impressions for alt printing. Best results
>>>> when used on a king of vinyl that comes with it. Are there no old timers on
>>>> the list who can shed light on it? Seems that it was akin to casein and used
>>>> diazo as well.
>>>> Sam Wang
> Sam,
> I was able to ask someone at SPE the chemical makeup of Kwik Print and it was a dichromated polymer solution, not casein, not diazo.
> Chris
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