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David Ashcraft davidashcraft at sti.net
Sat Mar 26 20:12:45 GMT 2011

I scare easy so don't think I'm up to horror stories by candle light  
and without power!  Our one year old dog keeps growling and barking as  
the snow falls off the roof onto the deck and out of the trees.  This  
gets me up and looking out the windows to see if there is someone out  
We are backed up to the national forest and at the end of the road,  
our closest neighbor is a quarter mile away.  Any cries for help will  
be in vain and only bring a smile of pleasure to the vampires and ?


On Mar 26, 2011, at 12:50 PM, BOB KISS wrote:

> 	When Tomas hit us last November we were without electricity for 6
> days and nights!  Pretty grim.  However, the book club to which I  
> belong had
> assigned me to do a review of Bran Stoker's Dracula and reading it  
> by candle
> light certainly enhanced the experience of the book!  Turning  
> adversity to
> advantage and all that!
> 			BOB
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> Was wondering if anybody here has used gold chloride 1, 5, and 10%
> with pd/pt and what results were observed?  I guess my question should
> be is there a noticeable difference with the different percentages?
> I'm presently using  5%, 2 drops per 8x10; pd/pt 1:1 and 3:1.
> These numbers are off the top of my head and the best I can do under
> the circumstances.   I'm sitting in the local coffee shop now charging
> laptop and cell phones.  We have been without power for six days now
> and PG&E is suppose to give us an update tomorrow when the storm
> damage will be repaired and our power restored.  Candle light dinners
> are way over rated!
> Thanks, David
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