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David, The more PT you use, the faster the gold will react. So a lower
percentage is usually recommended. an 8x10 with 2 dr of 5% in a 1:1 will
show up quickly. Do you coat and print with clean edges or showing brush
marks? I suspect with brush marks. 

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Was wondering if anybody here has used gold chloride 1, 5, and 10%  
with pd/pt and what results were observed?  I guess my question should  
be is there a noticeable difference with the different percentages?
I'm presently using  5%, 2 drops per 8x10; pd/pt 1:1 and 3:1.

These numbers are off the top of my head and the best I can do under  
the circumstances.   I'm sitting in the local coffee shop now charging  
laptop and cell phones.  We have been without power for six days now  
and PG&E is suppose to give us an update tomorrow when the storm  
damage will be repaired and our power restored.  Candle light dinners  
are way over rated!

Thanks, David
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