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David, I would first try it WITHOUT the chlorate in either case. The
chlorate will decompose over time so unless you do a bunch of printing right
away, the next time you go to use it , it may have a different contrast. Two
it does add some graininess so test the look without it first and see if it
works for you. 

Pot Chlorate can be added as a separate solution too. 

the percentage solution is the key. What are you doing about the PD and PT
solutions? ordering them in powder too? 

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	I was looking at two different formulas and was wondering what
would use in these situations when using  pd/pt 1:1 with the addition  
of  2 drops of 5% gold chloride and 3:1 without any gold?  I have been  
using the premixed solutions from Bostick & Sullivan for all my  
printing and want to make the move to mixing my own for the control of  
supply and savings.

I have the following formula I got from Dan Burkholder:  #1 - 75ml  
H2O, 4 grams EDTA, 28.8 grams Ferric Oxalate.  #2 - 75ml H2O, 1.1  
grams Potassium Chlorate, 4 grams EDTA,  28.8 grams Ferric Oxalate.   
Which he states is customized for the 1:3 ratio of pt/pd.

The other is from Dick Arentz's book of Platinum & Palladium Printing   
2nd ed.: #1 - 15 grams Ferric Oxalate, 1 gram Oxalic acid, 55ml H2O.   
#2 - to 55ml of #1 add .33 grams of Potassium Chlorate.

Any thoughts or recommendations of which to use when or other formulas  
are appreciated.

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