[alt-photo] Re: pd/pt coating solutions

David Ashcraft davidashcraft at sti.net
Wed Mar 30 05:50:25 GMT 2011

On Mar 29, 2011, at 9:20 PM, EJ Photo wrote:

> David, I would first try it WITHOUT the chlorate in either case.
I'm assuming when you say without that you're suggesting that the  
chlorate be added to the ferric solution just before printing?  Or...  
what method are you using?

> it does add some graininess so test the look without it first and  
> see if it
> works for you.
Not sure how to mix coating solution #2 without Chlorate since it is  
the only difference from sol. #1?
> Pot Chlorate can be added as a separate solution too.
How does one do this?
> the percentage solution is the key.
This is why I made the post, to find out what others have used and if  
and when adding the gold is there any benefit to adjusting the  
Chlorate in sol. #2?

> What are you doing about the PD and PT
> solutions? ordering them in powder too?
I have only ordered PD and PT in solution so far but I'm looking into  
the powders.

I'm fairly happy with my prints but am always looking for ways to  
improve them.  Still photographing with film but printing with digital  
negs.  Most of my prints are made with 1:1 solution #1 and #2 and if  
not just a slight drop change.


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