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Some time ago I used 360 nm UV leds and I bought 250 pcs for my application. I remember its price was $2-3 and I believe I have a remaining lot of more than 200 pcs. but I don't know how much power and radiation pattern  you really need. If interested I could study if my UV leds can fit for your application. Can you tell me your UV led type model to try to compare?




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In a previous post I asked if anyone had experience with UV LEDs. I also 

reported having a conversation with an engineer who develops LED 

lighting systems for a local manufacturer (no, they are not all in 


To continue the saga, I took my homemade fluorescent exposure system - 

based on instructions provided in Scopik & Nadeau - to their labs and we 

measured the light intensity & wavelength range. I received the 

following in an email from the engineer regarding those tests...

/"I worked some numbers up for a compatible LED based UV light box. 

Unfortunately, the cost is not looking very good. We would need at least 

135 LEDs to roughly match the power output and coverage of your existing 

box. Each UV LED goes for $11.87. /($1,600 USD)/As you know, LEDs are 

still rather expensive and UV LEDs are even more so.

I did want to send you the power spectrum that we took of your light for 

your own reference. I also wanted to let you know that I am learning a 

new software package for designing luminares and that I would like to 

use the software to model a LED based UV box as a learning exercise 

since it is a rather straight forward problem. Who knows, maybe the 

software will lead me to consider a different and more feasible approach 

to the light box."

/I will be happy to email a copy of the power spectrum to any requesting 

same. However, the spectrum shows the greatest intensity from 350 nm to 

365 nm and another steep , short spike at 405 nm.

So, not so feasible with the LED costs as they are now. But, research 



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