[alt-photo] Re: gum speckles

Willen, Matthew S willenm at etown.edu
Fri Nov 18 22:54:53 GMT 2011

Sorry Christina, can't make sense of the last sentence/question? I am
starting to think there is something about the sizing going on here.
Pigment, et al, has worked and worked. I'm thinking back to the day of
sizing, which was cool, and there were (perhaps) a couple of sheets where
the gel was getting a bit on the thick side more quickly than I wanted.
Perhaps this? M

On 11/18/11 5:29 PM, "Christina Anderson" <zphoto at montana.net> wrote:

>Dear All,
>A quick glance at the image and thank heavens, as this is not what I
>think as speckling (dark) it seems but flaking (white/absence of the
>layer) so that is usually too thick a layer, not enough exposure IMHO.
>Try the same exact everything with a thinner layer and see if it goes
>away.E.g. add a bit of water to thin out the coating layer and see if
>that solves it. If not, I would think you didn't oversize it and lose
>paper tooth did you?
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