[alt-photo] Re: gum speckles

Willen, Matthew S willenm at etown.edu
Fri Nov 18 22:57:55 GMT 2011

But for what it is worth, I would very much like to pin it down since I
look at it and say to myself, "there may be a time when I want to do
something like this deliberately," (emphasis on the last word). :-)

On 11/18/11 5:54 PM, "Willen, Matthew S" <willenm at etown.edu> wrote:

>Sorry Christina, can't make sense of the last sentence/question? I am
>starting to think there is something about the sizing going on here.
>Pigment, et al, has worked and worked. I'm thinking back to the day of
>sizing, which was cool, and there were (perhaps) a couple of sheets where
>the gel was getting a bit on the thick side more quickly than I wanted.
>Perhaps this? M
>On 11/18/11 5:29 PM, "Christina Anderson" <zphoto at montana.net> wrote:
>>Dear All,
>>A quick glance at the image and thank heavens, as this is not what I
>>think as speckling (dark) it seems but flaking (white/absence of the
>>layer) so that is usually too thick a layer, not enough exposure IMHO.
>>Try the same exact everything with a thinner layer and see if it goes
>>away.E.g. add a bit of water to thin out the coating layer and see if
>>that solves it. If not, I would think you didn't oversize it and lose
>>paper tooth did you?
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