[alt-photo] Re: back to the flaking/speckling question

Paul Viapiano viapiano at pacbell.net
Mon Nov 21 16:35:27 GMT 2011

Do you have access to Fabriano paper...hot or soft press?

You can use that EASILY without sizing of any kind...


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> Well,
> After much experimentation, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that 
> the problems with what I last week called "speckling," but was pointed out 
> that it is actually "flaking," is due to something that happened while 
> sizing the paper. So, the question I have now is what to do about it? I 
> have a bunch of a gelatin/glyoxal sized paper (only on one side), some 
> sheets do fine, others flake like there is no tomorrow, and for the life 
> of me I can't determine any sort of surface difference which would 
> indicate how one or another sheet might behave. Is there anyway to remove 
> the sizing, and then redo it? Or just resize the other side of each sheet? 
> Any suggestions?
> How about using glyoxal indoors? It is getting pretty chilly around here, 
> and even though I can keep the gelatin solution warm in a thermos, as soon 
> as it come out it is exposed to some chilly conditions.
> Thanks
> Matt
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