[alt-photo] Re: back to the flaking/speckling question

Diana Bloomfield dhbloomfield at bellsouth.net
Mon Nov 21 22:42:24 GMT 2011

Yes, as I said, I use a very, very small amount, and there is an  
almost imperceptible slight sheen to it, but definitely not shiny-- at  
all.  I think it depends on how much you use.  But, honestly, even to  
see anything, I would have to tilt the print a certain way to see it  
from the side.  There are times when I've coated a sheet (I only coat  
after the first layer is down)-- and I can't tell if I've done it or  
not, so I have to hold it under a light and tilt it to see.  Even  
then, I have trouble making sure.  So if you really use it sparingly,  
you simply can't see any shiny effect at all-- at least not in mine.   
Maybe it depends on the paper, too.  ??

On Nov 21, 2011, at 5:33 PM, francis schanberger wrote:

> I am a Gamblin PVA user (1:2) but I do want to point out that there  
> is a
> shiny factor (i.e. not matte) associated with it which some  
> traditional
> gummists take issue.
> -francis
> On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 5:24 PM, Diana Bloomfield <
> dhbloomfield at bellsouth.net> wrote:
>> I agree with Don here about the PVA.  I tried gluteraldahyde, but  
>> just
>> didn't like working with it (and always felt like I needed to be  
>> outside to
>> do it).  I did get yellowing with that, but probably-- as you say--  
>> used
>> too much, or it was too concentrated.  The glyoxol always gave me
>> inconsistent results.
>> I think the Gamblin PVA is amazing.  I just pour a very thin amount  
>> (no
>> dilution, but very thin, very small amount) and brush it on.  I  
>> just let it
>> dry naturally, and where I am-- it's very quick drying. There's no  
>> way I'd
>> ever go back to gelatin and glyoxal or gluteraldahyde.  I shudder  
>> to even
>> think about it.
>> My 2 cents.
>> Diana
>> On Nov 21, 2011, at 5:12 PM, Don Bryant wrote:
>>> 3) Dump that glyoxol.  It is a huge PITA.  The 4th in my list of  
>>> Great
>>> Discoveries in Gum is when Christina Z. Anderson popularized
>>> Gluteraldahyde
>>> as a gelatin hardener
>>> +1 on that! Glyoxal can be very iffy. Though, cross my fingers,  
>>> I've never
>>> had it yellow, except when it concentrates in droplets of gelatin  
>>> on the
>>> corner of a sheet of paper when it dries. Glut can cause  
>>> yellowing, but
>>> only
>>> when it is used in very concentrated amounts.
>>> I think Chris has a write up somewhere on the Alt Process website  
>>> (or her
>>> website) so look for her drill down there.
>>> For beginning gummists or gum over whatever, Gamblin PVA 1:1  
>>> rolled on
>>> with
>>> a micro-foam roller and quick dried with a hair dryer is a good  
>>> method as
>>> well. In fact if you use that method and it works well for you  
>>> stick with
>>> it.
>>> Don Bryant
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