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Wed Nov 30 17:17:08 GMT 2011


I was introduced to the "Optical Center" method some 50+ years ago.
It allows for any size print in any (decent) size of frame.

If my aging memory serves me well enough, I 'described' the process
that was taught to me on the Alternative Photography website.

If you can't find it,  I will take a few minutes and repost here as  
long as
I am allowed to send an attachment of the diagram (+mme for the  
of the British Isles) or...  or sent it to one of the members who  
could post it on their  website .

It a means that I have followed since I do not like seeing prints  
within the frame

On 30-Nov-11, at 9:07 AM, Christina Anderson wrote:

> How many of you bottom weight your mats and if so by how much? I  
> have been told that contemporary work has abandoned that practice,  
> but uses mats of equal size all the way around. Short of bringing a  
> tape measure with me to galleries, input on both sides of this  
> issue much appreciated.
> Christina Z. Anderson
> christinaZanderson.com
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