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This reminds me of a quote, I don't remember the source, supposedly from
Ralph Steiner's intro to his book "A Point of View":

"Ansel Adams . . . had flown from San Francisco to do a piece of work for
New York's Museum of Modern Art. He was busily doing that work when an
urgent phone call came from [Paul] Strand. Was Ansel busy; could he come to
Strand's apartment for an emergency consultation? Ansel allowed that he was
busy, but an emergency. . . . So Ansel dropped his work and took a taxi to
Strand's, He knocked, and, at Strand's invitation, came in. 

Strand was bending over a work table on which lay a sheet of mounting board
and a small print. Strand shifted the print upward on the mount a half inch
and then downward, and said: 'Does it look better up here or down there?' "

FWIW, I use about 41% / 59%  on most images.

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How many of you bottom weight your mats and if so by how much? I have been
told that contemporary work has abandoned that practice, but uses mats of
equal size all the way around. Short of bringing a tape measure with me to
galleries, input on both sides of this issue much appreciated.
Christina Z. Anderson

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