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John Brewer john at johnbrewerphotography.com
Sat Oct 1 11:50:49 GMT 2011

Hello everyone

I'll put up some screen shots and images on my website to show my workflow
and the issues I have. I'm using an Epson R1900 which puts down plenty of
ink onto Agfa Copyjet film.

One problem I'm having is using QTR to get a relatively smooth step table
quickly and economically. This is costing a fortune in ink and film, about
30 A5 sheets to get in the ball park! Maybe I'm overdoing the accuracy of
the QTR curve as the .acv curve seems to be slight. At the moment I'm
working with VDB then hope to go onto cyanotype and then gum.

Clay, I'm using your tutorial with Ike's script. I'm reluctant to buy Ron's
book as I bought the old edition only to find the new edition appear two
weeks later.....

Thanks guys


On 1 October 2011 06:42, Jon Lybrook <jon at intaglioeditions.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the procedure Clay.  I look forward to reading it.
> Anyone know if the Ebook chapters on QTR fromhttp://www.digital-**
> negatives.com/ <http://www.digital-negatives.com/> are significantly
> different from the hard copy edition?
> Have a great weekend!
> Jon
> On 9/30/2011 5:46 PM, clay harmon/website wrote:
>> I have a procedure outlined in a .pdf file that can be downloaded here:
>> http://www.clayharmon.com/**techne/?page_id=2<http://www.clayharmon.com/techne/?page_id=2>
>> Ron and I have corresponded frequently about QTR over the last few years,
>> and we are in violent agreement on most aspects of this approach. I would
>> heartily recommend buying his e-book,
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