[alt-photo] Re: Palladium Failures

eric nelson emanphoto at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 14:59:03 GMT 2011

Hi Paul, Yes they are.  The Cot is direct from Bergger, bought a few weeks
ago and the Platine tests were made on samples provided by B&S in the same
time frame.  I just ordered some of that batch from B&S which I may regret
if unworkable.

I forgot to mention I had done a couple tests with 1 drop of Tween 20 10%
solution in a drop schedule of 13-3-16Pd on the same 10"x12" sized paper,
and the blacks are marginally better but still on the verge of solarizing.
That test is here and is 5
in exposure than the other tests in my first post.

Re:Mark's comment on contamination...  The other day I accidently left the
brush in the edta/sulfite bath overnight.  This cleaned the stains from the
brush nicely, but would that be considered 'contaminated' after a good

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Is this from the new batch of Platine...? Or new Cot 320...?

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